Wisdom from the Woods: The Pursuit of Perfection

Posted by on February 3, 2015

Kit Bennett Life CoachMy kids are my BEST and GREATEST accomplishment! If I had waited until I took parenting courses, felt ready, knew how to fix boo-boos, had the right gear and tons of money , I would never have had them. Why could I do that..the MOST important thing I’ve ever done,  but most everything else I have to wait until I’ll just it “just so”

My name is Kit and I’m an over-preparer! I didn’t feel like a coach until I took the courses, I need all the “right” gear for kayaking, snow-showing, want o “feel ready” before I do most things and I realize it’s holding me back. As a matter of fact it’s paralyzing me!

This is a “Physician heal thyself” moment…if a client came to me saying she had a fun video series idea but didn’t real “good enough, prepared, etc.”, or blog posts she wanted to share but didn’t consider herself to be a writer…
I would ask?

What is your desired outcome? What will you “have” when you feel prepared” ?

Where is your value now? What would happen if you just did_____?

How is fear railroading this step?


So without ANY preparation, script, good camera, make-up etc…I am making myself move forward with my video series
“Wisdom from the Woods”
This is NOT me imparting MY wisdom on viewers but helping them access their OWN wisdom from a walk in the woods and a few questions.

And no, you won’t see me on the camera…that is part of the jumping in and not being prepared. Full vulnerability and courage!!
(Brene Brown would be proud !)

This walk is about just that…how is your pursuit of  getting things “just right” holding you back?

How can you see yourself as perfect in your imperfection?

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