Do you find yourself stuck on PAUSE?

Do you lack confidence?

Do you have a business, project or book that you’ve been aching to complete?

Do find yourself saying…”Is this IT?”

Are you a daydreamer?

Have you been told you are a natural leader, yet the thought of leading anyone makes you want to vomit?

To put it simply…you want more connection, joy, accomplishment and satisfaction and less exhaustion, frustration, roadblocks

but you just need support.


Life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual…or does it?

I’m convinced we ALL have our own inner “How-To Video” but sometimes we’re stuck on PAUSE and just need an encouraging environment where we can see our possibilities and push the PLAY button again. All of us are subject to being bound by unproductive behaviors, paralyzed by decision-making, second-guessing our decisions, hosting pity parties (in my case it can be a gala) and ultimately going nowhere. The truly amazing thing is that it’s within your power to push the PLAY button again and create your BEST LIFE.

That place where you want a rewarding career, soul satisfying relationships, creative outlets and the ability to shape YOUR life on YOUR terms. Maybe you have an existing business and overall your life is great but you want more…more business, better health, more fun.


That’s where I come in…

You don’t have to do it alone.  Talk to anyone who is living the life you strive for and you’ll discover they had someone in their corner throughout their journey. Someone who shared their dream, didn’t give up, pushed them to stretch, grow and create more.
As a Co-active Life Coach, I bring over 20 years of entrepreneurial successes and failures. I’m both coach, creator and cheerleader and together we will create your BEST Life!


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